Spartan Resilience


Helping You To Achieve A Peak Performance Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

I Aim To Help

Business Leaders / Managers

Leadership can be an incredibly isolating, whether you’re running your own business, or managing a company or organisation. You’re expected to make  decisions whether or not you have all the knowledge available to you, address issues and challenges as they arise and set your vision or strategy for success. There is so much you need to consider, at times it can be overwhelming and difficult to focus on those critical areas which need your attention.  I can help you identify, triage and focus on those assets in your life which you are most important, enabling you to talk about your fears, concerns, ideas, strategies and vision to help you come up with clear and concise actions which have the greatest impact for your success.

Performance focused clients​

Want the performance edge? It’s not always possible to be the best, it is however always possible to improve your own performance. I can help you achieve the goals you desire by reducing anxiety, stress and other limiting factors to optimise the effectiveness of your mind so that you can attain the best version of yourself for performance. It doesn’t take a big step to turn you from good to great, it’s the small steps taken together which have the biggest impact. Together we can identify those areas where you can achieve marginal gains, which when combined together ultimately work to gain the success you desire.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve all your want, through a series of sessions designed to get you back into positive thinking and solution focussed goals.

Clients looking for change

We are only ever born with 2 fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, everything else has been learned. So if you’re finding yourself in a rut, suffering from anxiety or stress at the thought of change and lacking the confidence you so desperately need, I can help. Whether the change is in your personal life, career, business or a relationship, we can work together to define your goals and create a plan of action, with strategies to help you achieve them. In doing so you will then regain the control and freedom you desire in your life to achieve a positive future.

How I Work

1st Phase
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is your opportunity to tell me what you want to get out of coaching: Your vision, goals, dreams and aspirations. This may also include identifying any issues or challenges you may face, so that actions or coping strategies can be put in place to overcome them. We will then discuss putting together a coaching package for you to achieve peak performance and attain your goals.  

2nd Phase
Coaching Sessions

We will conduct a series of coaching sessions to target your issues, define your strategies for success, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, build your confidence and implement any solutions for peak performance to help you achieve your goals. You will also be provided with  guided audio MP3 files to assist with reducing any associated stress.

3rd Phase
Goals Achieved

When we have achieved your goals, we can bring our coaching sessions to a close. By now you will have a greater understanding of the strategies you need to use for success, maintain your resiliency and continue to increase your peak performance going forward. In doing so this will assist you in gaining the freedom you desire for the future.