Spartan Resilience

About me


In my early career with the British Army I experienced the shock of capture whilst on operations, and this event would define the future of my military career. The mental stress associated with this incident was something that I would never want to repeat, yet afterwards I found it both intriguing and fascinating as to why I thought, felt and behaved a certain way and why some individuals cope better than others. Wanting to learn from this experience, my search for answers would lead me to specialise in stress management, performance under pressure and influence, designing and delivering Hostage survival programmes to Defence. From teaching Resistance to Interrogation to Special Forces or negotiating face to face with the Taliban in Afghanistan to gain life saving intelligence, I have operated at the pinnacle of military elite influence – changing mindsets to save lives.


I then combined these same elite influence strategies with a multitude of other psychological principals such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to change mindsets on operations in the most challenging of situations. The methods I used were those that worked for me in reality, rather than just from a theoretical viewpoint and it is these methods which have remained with me to this day.

With a military career of 24 years and almost 10 years in the city, I have experienced first-hand the stresses and traumas associated with not only the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans, including the after effects years later, but also the rigours and pressures of the Corporate world. Although the root causes of stress and anxiety may be completely different, they should not be considered any less serious and overcoming them is pivotal to success in both your home and work life. 

Michael Joseph MBA HPD DSFH

In addition to the strategies, skills and experience developed over a my military career, I’ve an MBA (and taught on MBA programmes as an associate lecturer), achieved Chartered Manager status, trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with it’s co creator Richard Bandler, qualified in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy where I help veterans overcome anxiety, depression and trauma and as a speaker deliver talks on stress management.
Whilst I specialise in Corporate Business Resiliency and Continuity in the city, my passion is people and helping you to achieve your full potential. With a unique perspective in influence, performance and stress management to achieve solution focused outcomes, as a resilience coach I can  help you gain a peak performance mindset to succeed and live the life you want.